Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do
Way of the intercepting fist
"It's just a name don't fuss over it"

Developed by Bruce Lee, JKD incorporates: punching, kicking, trapping and joint locking/grappling. Bruce Lee researched and experimented with training methods from numerous martial arts including Wing Chun, Boxing, Fencing and Wrestling.

Many claims have been made over the years with regards to the proper definition of Bruce Lee's art of Jeet Kune Do. To some it is a process of "Change", others see it as just a form of "modified" Wing Chun, whilst many recognize Jeet Kune Do to be simply a mixture of various different elements from numerous fighting styles, all combined to hopefully, at a later stage form something meaningful to the individual concerned.

However, There is but ONE definition of Jeet Kune Do (As stated by the Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do Nucleus), "Jeet Kune Do is the complete body of technical (physical, scientific) and philosophical (mental, social and spiritual) knowledge, that was studied and taught by Bruce Lee during his lifetime. It is concerned solely and exclusively with Bruce Lee's personal evolution and process of self-discovery through the Martial Art, as supported by written record (personal papers and library) and oral recollections (by those students who spent time with and/or studied under him)."

Find your own interpretation

A distinction is made between this body of work (Jun Fan Jeet Kune Do), and the individual student's own personal process of self discovery through the martial art, as each student is free to use all, some or none of Bruce Lee's teachings to assist him !!. Jeet Kune Do accepts you as you are and is not about setting up restrictions or "Ways" of doing things -It seeks to be a source of inspiration and delight for those who possess an interest in Bruce Lee, and the martial viewpoints that he created.

Jeet Kune Do should be considered as the "Root" that was established by Bruce Lee, and NOT the ultimate goal of any practitioner, as students are expected to modify, add, and delete all aspects of Jeet Kune Do until they develop something that is uniquely their own (You the individual become, through this process of self-discovery your own best teacher).If you would like to come and train with us or want more information follow the link to our contact page.
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