Buka Jalan Pentjak Silat
Silat is a generic name for the martial arts practiced throughout the Malay Archipeligo, a combative art of fighting and survival evolved within Indonesia and Malaysia and all over south east Asia as a part of the culture and tradition. The traditional aspect of this art is held within the forms for practicing technique, the forms are designed to drill in to the practitioner good form and technique.

Across the Malay Archipeligo there are hundreds of different styles of Silat itself, the Impact Martial Arts Academy teaches the Buka Jalan form of this art, but as a standard across all the arts, the Silat arts tends to focus on either strikes, manipulating joints and animal based techniques or a combination of all of these techniques, Buka Jalan Silat incorporates many of these aspects.

In training in the art of Silat, the form is taught using two methods, langkah's and djuru's, the former (langkah) being a literal tranlation of "step", this teaches the footwork and kicking patterns that are best used in a fight using the Silat art. The latter of the forms (djuru's) is used to teach the hand movements and striking applications of the art, this also provides a good method of conditioning the body in the Silat art. Both of these forms are practiced with partners as well to train the form of applying techniques such as take-downs, joint manipulation and strikes, these forms are practiced from both one-on-one singular encounters, and multiple attackers.

Silat practitioners also use a wide variety of weapons in training, the most common of these are the Sarong, Kriss (dagger) and Parang (Machete), the most widely used of these being the Kriss.
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